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2004 July

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07.29.04 (10:51 am)   [edit]
A list!...

B a S i C s

.:. name: caitlin

.:. single or taken: single

.:. sex: female

.:. birthday: december 9

.:. siblings: 2 brothers

.:. hair color: Brown

.:. eye color: Hazel

.:. shoe size: 7 1/2

.:. height: 5 5

R e L a T i O n S h I p S

.:. who is your best friend?: manda

.:. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no

F a S h I o N

.:. where is your favorite place to shop: sirens at the 5 points mall

.:. tattoos: nope

.:. piercings: 4

S p E c I f I c S

.:. do you do drugs?: sometimes

.:. what kind of shampoo do you use?: herbal essences

.:. what are you most scared of?: im afraid ill be afraid to do stuff and take chances

.:. who is the last person that called you?: erika

.:. where do you want to get married?: i dont know :?:

.:. how many buddies are online right now?: 12

.:. what would you change about yourself?: im[i] practically[/i] flat :P

F a V o R i T e S

.:. color: maragrita green

.:. boys names: thadius chad mark mathew blaze

.:. girls names: keira micha aimee clarissa

.:. subjects in school: english

.:. animals: monkeys

.:. sports: soccer

H a V e Y o U e V e R

.:. given anyone a bath?: lol yeah my neighbours lil sis!

.:. smoked?: yeh

.:. made yourself throw up?: no

.:. skinny dipped?: :P maybe

.:. made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: yes

C u R r E n T

.:. clothes: shirt and jeans

.:. music: the trews

.:. make-up: yeah

.:. annoyance: i hadda get a blood test today

.:. smell: my basement smells :P

.:. favorite group: too many

.:. desktop picture: ashton kutcher

.:. book youre reading: not reading

L a S t P e R s O n

.:. you touched: hahaha

.:. hugged: carl

.:. you imed: dont have aim

.:. you yelled at: curt

.:. you kissed: jamie

A r E y O u

.:. understanding: ya i would say so

.:. open-minded: ya

.:. arrogant: sure?

.:. insecure: no

.:. interesting: ya i guess

.:. random: yes

.:. smart: yup

.:. moody: no

.:. hard working: haha ya

.:. organized:: no chance

R a N d O m

.:.In the morning i am: tired?

.:. love is: love?

.:. i dream about: dont dream :(

O p P o S i T e SeX

.:. what do you notice first: looks?

.:. last person you slow danced with: wow its been a while

.:. worst question to ask: i dunno

.:. makes you laugh the most: russ

.:. makes you smile: russ

.:. who do you have a crush on: hmm mark

.:. who has a crush on you: andy and scott :P

D o Y o U

.:. sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to im you?: no

.:. wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: lol no

N u M b E r

.:. of times i have had my heart broken: 1

.:. of hearts i have broken: none i think?

.:. of girls ive kissed: none XD

.:. of continents i have lived in: 1

.:. of tight friends: 4

.:. of cds i own: lots

F i N a L q U e S t I o N s

.:. do you like fillings these out?: no

.:. gold or silver: white gold

.:. what was the last film you saw at the movies?: a cinderella story

.:. what did you have for breakfast this morning?: cherios

.:. could you live without your computer?: well ya..but it would suk!

.:. would you color your hair? highlighs maybe

.:. habla espanol? i guess?

.:. how many people are on your buddy list?: 200!

.:. drink alcohol? sumtimes

.:. smoke? not cigarettes

07.25.04 (1:46 pm)   [edit]
Well i posted 4 of my poems, hope you like them, there all original works andcopyrighted so if you steal them i will sue you, plain and simple. Im going to go watch cheech and chong, peace.

07.25.04 (1:43 pm)   [edit]

They say some dreams are predictions,
of what may come to pass,
but when I close my eyes at night,
I catch glimpses of the past.

Further than you read in textbooks,
or in any class your taught,
I see to when the land was spoiled,
a landfill waiting to rot.

Nuclear bombs shaking the ground,
children crying out for help,
war between all countries,
more than anything I’ve felt.

I know these are not from the future,
because the language is so strange,
so I believe there from the past,
from before our historical range.

But the reason these dreams scare me,
is the technology today,
its advancing much too quickly,
and soon our race will pay.

They say history repeats itself,
and I pray that it isn’t true,
cause even God cant stop such a hatred,
that this would drag us through.

My glimpses often scare me,
and I don’t know what to do,
but I believe I was told for a reason,
so I could in turn warn you.

Written: by Caitlin Rochon, July 25
Dedicated to: The world
Comments: Okay, so I didn’t really dream this, but why couldn’t it happen? Makes you think eh?

Your Light
07.25.04 (1:43 pm)   [edit]
[b]Your Light[/b]

My fingers stop tingling,
My colour fades to white,
my eyelids sag closed,
The pain is worse than a bite.

I know this is bad,
but it feels so right,
I let go of all my anger,
I’m forgetting Dad and the fight.

Smoke all around me,
I take my tenth hit,
It burns in my throat,
I know this is it.

And then I remember,
like a light in the dark,
your smiling face,
it’s a permanent mark.

I run to your house,
I ring and then knock,
your asleep for the night,
and the door is locked.

There’s darkness around me,
closing in at high speeds,
I fall to the ground,
smothered by all my bad deeds.

And then I awaken,
alone in your arms,
it feels so perfect,
I remember your charm.

Your light just saved me,
from more than you know,
because my plan for that evening,
was to die; to let go.

Written: July 13, by Caitlin Rochon
Dedicated to: no one in particular
Comments: I have no idea where that came from

07.25.04 (1:42 pm)   [edit]

Alone with you
I feel so complete,
but when we’re with others,
it turns bittersweet.

So cocky, less loving,
you don’t give a damn,
others girls would have left you,
but here I still am.

I don’t know what’s wrong,
I’m not sure if its just me,
but why do you change?
It’s so hard to see.

I love you so much,
when your not playing a part,
but this stupid act,
its tearing me apart.

Is there a reason,
that you hide from what’s true,
or are you just afraid,
of letting the real you shine through?

Please stop this game,
your not fooling me,
cause if it doesn’t stop soon,
you’ll loose more than your identity.

Written: July 14, by Caitlin Rochon
Dedicated to: No One
Comments: I wrote this from a girlfriends perspective, but really its just from a friend relationship

My Passion
07.25.04 (1:40 pm)   [edit]
[b]My Passion[/b]

Everytime I see you,
something skips in my heart,
and when your around those other girls,
it just tears me apart.

How can you be so blind
to what’s written on my face,
you plainly look right through me
with such a cocky grace.

All my friends tell me
that I should just give up on you,
move on and find another
but they don’t see you like I do.

Your eyes are plain and simple,
but I feel their grasps for light.
They call for something more
than this hazardous drug life.

Your not the perfect gentleman,
not even in the least,
so why am I so stuck on you,
like beauty to the beast?

I could be your passion,
your loving anti-drug,
and yet you look right through me,
with your fake smile that looks so smug.

Maybe someday in the future,
you’ll notice my glance,
and see me like I see you
and finally give me a chance.

Written: July 13, by Caitlin Rochon
Dedicated to: Amanda Hughes
Comments: He’ll notice his mistake one day, and when he does you’ll be taken, and it will be him trying to catch your eye. Jeff if your reading this, you’re an asshole.

My Plans
07.25.04 (11:15 am)   [edit]
A new blog. A new beginning. A place where I hope I have the space to speak freely. Joy.

Well on this blog Im going to pour out absolutely everything from my dates with guys that have gone horribly wrong or amazingly right to my phychotic ranting and raving about useless crap.

Right now im pretty excited about my trip to Wonderland ( in two days with three of my girlfriends, maybe we will meet some hot guys. Boy am I pathetic, the males of our species are all I think about! I need a hobby.

I actually do have hobbies, but they kind of stink. First there is snowboarding....its July, need I say more? Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding are harder because you get towed behind a boat, and I don't live near any lakes. I was attempting to learn guitar but discovered that I thoroughly enjoy hitting stuff, sorry Andy but I wont be needing those guitar lessons anymore, but can you ask your brother (who is like 20 years older than the way) if he will teach me drums? Yeah, thats a no.

Hmm other eventful things that have happened to me lately? Well I just came back from camping at Bon Echo ( Especially because I went with some people from my home town in Quebec. Russ Skyzrpinski, yes thats his last name...its polish, dont ask. Is actually sounds like "Sker-pin-ski" though. But Russ has two hot brothers and he is well on his way to becoming a mix of them, I can hardly wait. Hes got to be the nicest guy too! Usually the hot ones are cocky and stuff but no, no Russ. Hes my dream guy I think.

Next week Im going to my cottage in NewYork, not in the city dummy! If you've read the "Little House on the Praire" Books you know that Almanzo Wilder (the future husband) lives in Malone, New York on a farm a few miles from town, well my cottage is right down the road from that house, coolness eh?

Well thats about it for now, Im going to go watch some Cheech and Chong, Peace.

July 2004

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